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The coaches & committee would like to remind all parents that for safeguarding purposes, they are not permitted rink-side during competitions and the gala. We operate a sign in and sign out policy at the front desk during these events. Parents can watch with friends and family from the gallery upstairs. For further information, please download SIFC Safeguarding Policy (PDF).

Alex Mann is our Safeguarding Officer, and he can be contacted via our Contact Page.

During normal club nights, parents/carers are permitted to watch club from rink-side. Please ensure skaters sign in at the registration desk before the session.

Buying a Club Jacket

If you want to order a Swindon Ice Figure Club jacket you can do so at

Facebook Closed Group For Club Members Only

A group for Parents, Carers and Skaters only with updates on club news and competitions. When you request to join the group, it will ask you the name of the skater/member. If it is left blank, your request will automatically be declined and a reminder to answer will be sent. We need to ensure members of the group are active members of figure club to keep the skaters’ photos and information as private as possible.

Photography Policy

Please can all members and parents note that photography is a very sensitive subject in and around the ice rink and we would like to bring to everyone’s attention the policy that we have within the club. Still photography and videoing of your own child is acceptable for your own use and for the purpose of ice skating coaching. However, photographs or video of any other individual member is prohibited and should be deleted immediately. If you have photos or video of your skater with others in the background, please do not put them on social media.

Moving Groups

Moving groups and how this is graded is such a controversial subject, so please see below for some pointers:

Just because a skater can perform certain elements, it does not mean that they are ready to be moved into a new group. There are many other things that are taken into consideration, including (but not exclusively): age of the skater / how tall they are / how robust they are / how good their listening and understanding skills are / can they perform moves requested by name rather than following others / how fast can they skate safely / how often do they practice / how committed are they to skating.

All these are very important as skating is a dangerous sport and if a skater is moved and they don’t tick the boxes mentioned above we could be putting them in danger of injury from other skaters and this could also destroy their confidence.

Please also be aware that as you know children grow fast and so they may need to relearn moves following a growth spurt as their balance can alter greatly, so it is quite possible that a member could be moved back a group as well as forward at certain times.

All this will be taken into consideration by the coaches to keep everyone safe on the ice, so if you see another member being moved and you think your child is a better skater, please remember it is not purely skating ability that is considered.

Coaches will always be happy to advise you on things your child needs to work on.

Membership Cancellations

Please Contact Us if you no longer require a place in club.

The Club Voluntary Committee


Ice skating, like most sports, can be dangerous. Swindon Ice Figure Club endeavours to minimise accidents and injuries by employing fully qualified professional coaches. However, we accept no responsibility for any accidents occurring during Club sessions. We recommend that parents/guardians of skaters remain in the building and then in the unlikely event of an accident you can be easily contacted. It is imperative that Emergency Contact details are complete on the Membership form, and should any contact details change, that Club is notified of any changes as soon as possible.

At the start of every session the coaches will put all the skaters through a warmup, which is very important. If a member arrives more than 10 minutes late for their session and has not completed the warm-up then the club accepts no responsibility for that skater during that session. The register will be marked that they were late and repeated lateness will prompt their membership being reviewed.

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